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Posted by Thomas Seefurth on

Thanks for checking us out. If you are new to our products, welcome, we glad you dropped in..  If you are familiar with us, thank you for supporting our little Mom & Pop business we could not do it without you!

We'd like to update you on the following as of 2/21/2016:

Pizza Beer: Still without a brewery. We continue our search for a small venue to brew pizza beer or find someone willing to take a chance on us and offer some cash assistance so we can scale up to brew larger batches on a monthly basis. Sit tight, we will be back.

Food products: Most of the featured products can be found in Northern IL, Southern WI and Ann Arbor, MI at select Woodman's, Whole Foods Markets, Hy-Vee, Reams Elburn Market and Jewel-Osco on Prairie St in St Charles. If you do not see our products there or you wish to purchase these in a store that does not handle our brand, please ask for the store manager and/ or leave a written request.

We have worked very hard the past eight years to bring you better products at reasonable prices. Everything we make must pass a high test of satisfaction for taste and quality of ingredients. We refuse to add flavor enhancers, fillers and binders such as MSG, maltodextrin, xanthan & guar gums. Our first ingredient is NEVER salt and we seek ingredients that are of the highest and best quality.

Pictured is the first pizza toss for our very first brew. The release date of 2/16/2008 coincided with our 23rd wedding anniversary. We are proud of the fact that 8 years in business and 31 years of marriage we are still growing strong!

Please do not hesitate to contact us, our private email is


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